On 21st May 2017, I ran my first Standard Charted Kuala Lumpur (SCKL) full marathon. It was hot, it was tough. I finished more than an hour away from my goal time, finally crossing the finish line at 7 hours 13 minutes.



My first SCKL was way back in 2010, where I tagged along some friends for the 10k run. It got me hooked on running events. By 2013 I’ve progressed to half-marathons (still slow though), and this year, 2017, finally a full marathon.*

File 02-06-2017, 10 24 52 AM

And I love it – all the training,all the preparation, all the running, that clears the mind and forces you to confront whats you deep inside.

I’ve now set a target to run a Full Marathon under 4 hours in 3 years time – SCKL 2020. That’s the purpose of this site, to track my training and progress and keep me accountable to my goal.

Last year I ran (ok, crawled) a 4hour half-marathon, and told myself to buck up and put in the necessary training and be a ‘real’ runner – and this year managed to run a sub-3 hour half-marathon. So I believe my target is attainable, provided I put in all the hard work (and lose some more weight also hah).

GOAL : Sub-4 hour Full Marathon in SCKL 2020
Mini-goals: Sub-2 hour HM, 55min 10k, 25min 5k

* In between there were breaks of non-running first for a pregnancy, and later the thyroid cancer treatments.